2016 Collection

The inspiration for the first Black Birch collection emerged straight from my roots.  Simply woven but colorful, striped skirts were a staple of some regional Polish folk clothing.  The Black Birch skirts are handwoven with pure wool on a cotton warp and are just as wonderfully warm as those they were inspired by.  Each skirt is one-of-a-kind with a different cheerful and bold color way.  The scarves, like the skirts, also feature distinct colors and patterns.


Black Birch Textiles

Black Birch Textiles is the work of Maria Magdalena Ma.  Maria's connection to fiber arts goes back as far as she remembers.  From being taught to knit and embroider by her grandmother at the age of six in Poland, using fibers in her 3 dimensional studio work at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, falling in love with weaving in Seattle, to starting Black Birch Textiles in 2016.  Maria's work is heavily inspired by traditional, meticulous and mindful craft from all over the world and its place in today's often overstimulated life.  Maria delights in simplicity, finds the process of weaving meditative, and believes in the grounding power of a lovingly made creation by the hands of an artisan.

Black Birch Textiles is currently based in Seattle, WA.